U.S.-China Educational Exchange: Preparing for Reopening

U.S.-China Educational Exchanges have brought tremendous benefits to both countries in the past four decades. But growing geopolitical tension and the pandemic have upended traditional models of exchange in many ways. College and university leaders, who have played an important role in developing positive relationships between these two nations for decades, are especially aware of the importance of positive communications, productive dialogues, and continued educational exchanges between the world’s two largest economies for their communities, institutions, faculties, and students.

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Eat Drink Prosper together

Please join us for the First Segment of the Eat, Drink, and Prosper Together Series! There are eight major cuisines in China. Did you know eating habits are in different regions of China? The eight major cuisines feature techniques and

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Finding security: US-China Ag Trade in a changing world

Despite growing competition between the U.S. and China, trade volume between the two countries remain significant and robust. U.S. agricultural exports to China, in particular, has seen tremendous growth.  But the world is changing dramatically and the impact is felt locally in the Heartland, where a majority of the U.S. agricultural exports to China are produced. 

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Deep Dive on China, Session 1: China’s Foreign Policy

China’s Foreign Policy The U.S. and China share very different historical backgrounds in terms of challenges, growth, and philosophy, including very different geographical perspectives that have played a large part in each country’s trajectory. How do these historical perspectives impact

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