2023 Heartland Chinese Teacher Award

China is the world’s oldest surviving civilization, and the Chinese language is often credited for its longevity. Today, close to 1.3 billion people, approximately 16% of the world’s population, speak Chinese. In the United States, that number is less than 1%.

Studying Chinese is important not only for gaining a greater understanding and deeper appreciation of Chinese culture but also for building bridges of friendship between the U.S. and China.

It is with much appreciation of the many teachers who have been teaching the Chinese Language in the Heartland region, often with little resources, that USHCA launched our inaugural Heartland Chinese Teacher Award in 2022, sponsored by LingoAce, to recognize the hard work of the many Chinese language teachers in the heartland region who have built cultural bridges through language learning.

The 2023 Heartland Chinese Teacher Award will once again seek to recognize exceptional K-12 Chinese language teachers in the 21-state heartland region based on:

  • Creativity of their curriculum
  • Impact on students
  • Contribution to Chinese language learning and cultural dissemination in their community.

Teacher Nomination is now open!

Key Dates:

Date Agenda
June 1, 2023 Teacher Nominations Open
September 14, 2023 Teacher Nominations Close
October 2023 Selection Committee Begins Review of Applications
October 31, 2023 Teacher Application Closes
November Finalists Announced
December Award Ceremony

2023 Sponsor

LingoAce is an online language learning platform where kids ages 3-15 can learn Mandarin Chinese 1:1 with a professional teacher. Aligning with globally-recognized syllabi, their expert-designed curriculum engages learners with games, interactive storytelling and other interactive multimedia.

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