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2022 U.S. - China Agriculture Roundtable

Reflecting the strong commitment that leaders of both the U.S. and China have for finding areas of cooperation, especially around climate change, and the essential role that climate-smart agriculture can play to accomplish the goals set forth by the national leaders, USHCA is again organizing the virtual U.S. – China Agriculture Roundtable this spring.

Despite the significant issues that encumber the bilateral relationship between the U.S. and China, we were pleased that there was broad bipartisan U.S. support for, and participation in, our US-China Ag Roundtable last year.

This year, our virtual 4-part U.S.-China Agriculture Roundtable will again take place during the National Agriculture Week to honor Drs. Norman Borlaug, Yuan Longping, and George Washington Carver for their extraordinary contributions to the field of Agriculture and our world.

An event inspired by Norman Borlaug, Yuan Longping, and George Washington Carver

Norman Borlaug

Norman Borlaug

Father of Green Revolution - Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize

Yuan Longping

Yuan Longping 袁隆平

Father of Hybrid Rice - Recipient of World Food Prize

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver

American Agricultural Scientist and inventor

Our belief is that US – China cooperation is essential if our planet will be able to successfully deal with the following three most critical global challenges: sustainably producing enough nutritious food to feed the growing population on our planet; countering and ameliorating the impact of climate change, especially on agricultural production; and preventing future pandemics of human, animal and plant diseases.

At the same time, to meet these challenges, it is essential that we have peace in the world and particularly peace between China and the United States. In that regard we strongly believe, as Dr. Borlaug demonstrated, that one of the best ways that peace can be attained is through agricultural cooperation.

The American Heartland, known as the “breadbasket of the world”, has played a significant role in the past laying the foundation for a productive U.S.-China relationship and can become a stabilizing force going forward again.

This year’s virtual U.S.-China Agriculture Roundtable will have four segments:

Opening Celebration

(Open to the public)

8:00 p.m. EST, March 21, 2022

Opening Remarks

Governor Bob Holden,
USHCA Chairman and CEO Former Governor of Missouri

Ambassador Kenneth Quinn,
President Emeritus, the World Food Prize Strategic Advisor & Member of US Heartland China Association

Elizabeth Knup,
China Director, Ford Foundation


Blayne Arthur,
Secretary of Ag - Oklahoma

Mike Beam,
Secretary of Ag - Kansas

Chris Chinn,
Director of Ag - Missouri

Mike Naig,
Secretary of Ag - Iowa

Darin LaHood,
Illinois Congressman from the 18th District

Krysta Hardin,
President & CEO of U.S. Dairy Export Council

NI Pin,
President of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce - Chicago

Jim Sutter,
CEO of the U.S. Soybean Export Council

Erik Fyrwald,
CEO of Syngenta

3 Dialogues

(Invitation only)

U.S. – China Ag SME Showcase: 

(March 24, 2022)

Ag Education Dialogue:

Food System Transformation & Climate Change

(March 31, 2022)

Dr. Thomas J. Coon,
Dean of the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at Oklahoma State Univ.

Dr. Moses Kairo,
Dean of the School of Agricultural and Natural Sciences at the Univ. of Maryland, Eastern Shore

Dr. Daniel Robison,
Dean of the College of Ag. and Life Sciences at Iowa State Univ.

Dr. Jinhua Zhao,
Dean of Applied Econ. and Management at Cornell College of Ag. and Life Sciences

Dr. Taisheng DU,
Vice President of China Agricultural University

Dr. Ping QING,
Vice President of Huazhong Agricultural Universiy

Dr. Minjuan ZHAO,
Vice President of Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University

Dr. Feng HU,
Vice President, Nanjing Agricultural University

Think Tank Dialogue:

Rural Prosperity & Climate Change

(April 7, 2022)

erin fitzgerald

Erin Fitzgerald,
CEO of U.S. Farmers and Ranchers in Action

Ariel Ortiz-Bobea,
Cornell University

Patricia A. Stapleton,
Political Scientist at the RAND Corporation

Craig Hanson,
VP of the World Resource Institute

PAN Jihua,
Director, Inst. for Urban and Environ. Studies, CASS

ZHANG Weijian,
Prof. of the Institute of Crop Sciences, CASS

LI Zhou,
Professor and Former Director of the Rural Dev. Inst., CASS

Moderator: WANG Lei, Director-General of the Bureau of International Cooperation at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Missed the 2021 US-China Ag Roundtable last year?  

You can watch the Opening Celebration replay and learn more about it here

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