February 2022

You’re Hired: A Virtual Discussion on Seeking Jobs for Foreign-Born Individuals

The struggle of securing employment during a pandemic is hard – especially for foreign-
born job applicants. Moreover, finding a helpful guide to navigate that process is even
harder! This special event will feature USHCA’s next spotlighted author whose book is being touted as a “tremendous asset” for foreign-born applicants seeking employment.

Global Pandemic Response: What’s Next?

The pandemic has challenged healthcare systems around the world. Global responses to the pandemic has been so uneven and varied that it may feel like we are living through a giant experiment everywhere, despite a shared understanding of the science.

Now in its third year, what have we learned? What is the next? What choices do we have? How do we balance the social and economic dimensions with managing the health and health system impacts?

We have gathered experts from different countries to share lessons learned under different healthcare systems to shed light on the potential best path forward.

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