Future of Public Health and the Role of Global Partnership

About this webinar

Public health is a topic of importance for all countries around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed weaknesses in health care systems, including those in the Heartland Region of the US. Despite its negatives, the pandemic has also inspired those who have power, to employ new tactics to better healthcare systems globally.

In this event, we have invited industry leaders, practitioners, and experts in the field of public health to share their thoughts on the industry’s future. Our experts from both Chinese and American backgrounds will share their thoughts on how each country may or may not be successfully utilizing and supporting their systems and methods to improve them. Our panelists will share their opinions on how global collaboration can improve healthcare and be beneficial to all.

This event is part of USHCA’s ongoing series, The Way Forward, where we discuss different ideas and initiatives used by the US and China and how they can be applied to the Heartland region.

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Dr Wu

Zunyou Wu, MD, Ph.D 吴尊友

Chief Epidemiologist, China CDC

Adjunct Professor of Epidemiology, UCLA​


Dr. Yang Gonghuan 杨功焕

Professor, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences at Peking Union Medical College. Vice Director of China CDC from 2005-2011


Bruce Y. Lee

Professor of Health Policy and Management - CUNY

Executive Director, PHICOR (Public Health Informatics Computational Operations Research)


Professor Vivian Lin

Executive Associate Dean, Professor of Public Health Practices - LKS Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong


J. Michael Sprafka MPH, PhD

Principal, Woodford Research Associates

Dube Clayton

Clayton Dube

Head of USC U.S. - China Institute

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