Go Solar! Wanxiang’s Solar 1000 program reaches more schools with USHCA support

How would your local schools like to receive a donation of 1,000W of solar photovoltaic education system to empower its students with the knowledge of solar electric power? How about additional curriculum lesson plans and school projects to give students a firsthand understanding of solar energy and how its application will make their school greener?

If your local school is like one of the over 30 schools that have benefitted from Wanxiang New Energy’s Solar 1000 program, the answer is a resounding YES!

Solar Power is one of the cleanest, most effective, and most abundant alternative energy sources available today, adopting solar energy will reduce greenhouse gases and our dependency on fossil fuels. With the vast potential of the power of the sun, we can make our world greener and safer for generations to come.

To promote and educate students on the importance of clean energy, Wanxiang New Energy, a division of USHCA partner Wanxiang America, has committed to donating up to 1,000W of solar panels to 1,000 K-12 schools across the country. 

Wanxiang America, an Illinois company first established in 1993, has long been recognized by local leaders such as the Governor of Illinois and Mayor of Chicago for its economic contribution, social responsibility, and philanthropic generosity.  Back in 2020, during the early phase the pandemic, USHCA received 240,000 masks donated by Wanxiang and was able to send them to 6 Heartland states in need. (Add link to USHCA article on this)

Mr. NI Pin, President of Wanxiang America shared the motivations for this program, “We believe in the potential of clean energy as well as the potential found within our children. We hope to equip students with the tools needed to understand and protect the quality of our environment and of our homes by harnessing the power of the sun. Knowledge is power, so let us educate our children with the power of clean energy for a brighter and safer future.”

USHCA is proud to be a partner for Wanxiang’s Solar 1000 program and recently, working with our partner TN-China Network, facilitated the donation of these solar education systems to 7 schools in Tennessee. 

  • Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy
  • Chattanooga Prep
  • Chattanooga School of Arts and Science
  • Harrison Bay Future Ready Center
  • Ivy Academy
  • Montessori Elementary of Highland Park
  • Sequoyah High School

To learn more about this program and submit a request for donations, visit https://www.solarstarfoundation.org/

or contact Brent Anderson <BAnderson@wanxiang.com>.

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