Dragon Boat Friendship Alliance

Calling all Heartland Dragon Boat enthusiasts! In partnership with the city of Foshan in Guangdong China, which has a long tradition of Dragon Boat Festival and Competition, USHCA, along with many partners across the U.S. and China will launch the Dragon Boat Friendship Alliance on July 29th as part of the 2022 Guangdong …

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Finding Security: U.S.-China Ag. Trade in a Changing World

Despite growing competition between the U.S. and China, trade volume between the two countries remains significant and robust. U.S. agricultural exports to China, in particular, have seen tremendous growth. But the world is changing dramatically and the impact is felt locally in the Heartland, where a majority of the U.S. agricultural exports to China are produced.

As a global food security crisis is looming large over the horizon, what is the future of U.S.-China Ag trade, and how can the two countries collaborate to address global food security? This August, USHCA will have experts from both the U.S. and China to explore these questions and share insights on the impact of inflation, domestic production shifts, and the changes taking place in U.S.-China Ag trade and its impact to Ag producers in the Heartland.

Third Space Reunion

Join us for a reunion of our Third Space members!

Eat, Drink, and Prosper Together – Segment 1

Join USHCA for the first segment of our Eat, Drink and Prosper Together series, where we foster understanding through food and spirits with our partners and friends! 

For the first segment we have partnered with the Iowa Culinary Institute and TN China Network to feature Chef Eric Stein and Brandon Lin.

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