Third Space Story Circle: Autumn Equinox

Third Space Story Circles are events where college students and young professionals from the US and China come together to share across language and cultural lines. All college students and young professionals interested in cultivating intercultural competence and forging international friendships are welcome to attend.

Heart To Heart – Live Stream Concert

Join us for an afternoon of fun while enjoying soothing, sophisticated duets on Chinese and Arabic lutes, improvised by virtuosos Gao Hong on the pipa and Issam Rafea on the oud. The Duo won two Gold Medals from the Global Music Awards for their "From Our World to Yours" album in 2020. Artists will play and interact with the audience virtually. 

The End of Globalization?

A recent survey of nearly 20,000 people in 25 countries reveals mixed enthusiasm for international trade and the globalization of goods and services, with slightly less than half of those surveyed agreeing that globalization is a net-positive for their country. 

With an uptick in protectionist trade rhetoric and reconsideration of globally integrated networks of goods and services, what do the trends and forecasts indicate about the future of globalization? Is globalization really at an end, or is it in need of a refresh? 

David Dollar, noted economist and senior fellow in the John L. Thornton China Center at the Brookings Institution, will offer his insights in this virtual discussion jointly presented by the US Heartland China Association and the International Relations Council.

Far East Deep South Broadcast

In a nation that is in need of stories of hope, Far East Deep South is a deeply moving documentary that offers a poignant perspective on race relations, immigration and the deep roots of Chinese Americans in our national identity. The award-winning documentary follows Charles Chiu and his family (including his son, producer Baldwin Chiu, and daughter-in-law, director Larissa Lam) as they travel from California to Mississippi to find answers about Charles’ father, K.C. Lou.

“Fall of Frost” Story Circle

Our next US-China Story Circle will be held this Friday, October 15, 9:00 p.m. EDT / October 16th, 9:00 a.m. Beijing Time. We have new prompts and music selected with the help of your feedback in last week's follow-up survey!

PROMPT #1 第一话题:
Tell us a story about your first day at school (any grade level).

PROMPT #2 第二话题:
Tell about a time you had trouble understanding something someone else said due to variations in language, dialect or accent. How were you able to resolve the situation? Did the situation lead you to engage in future intercultural / inter-language conversations differently?

Start of Winter Story Circle

Third Space is a digital community and virtual ecosystem where diverse American and Chinese college students and young professionals come together to engage interculturally and reflect on intercultural living.

Navigating the New Normal in U.S.-China Relations

China Conference: United States will bring together business leaders, policymakers and respected researchers, offering viewers access to crucial, thought-provoking theories on what the future holds for the US-China bilateral relationship, a deep dive into US strategy in the Indo-Pacific region, the future of investment and global trade amid uncertainty within the technology sector and how the superpowers can collaborate in the battle against climate change.

Event Series USHCA December Member Forum

USHCA December Member Forum

The US Heartland China Association hosts monthly forums to meet with its closest members, strategic advisors, board, and their guests. Each forum features a closer, behind-the-scenes discussion on organizational updates and upcoming programs as well as a networking session and open discussion for new members to get to know one another and advertise their partnering organizations.  Our member forum special discussions usually introduce expertise on prominent US-China topics that is specialized for our valuable members.

Third Space Story Circle

Join USHCA as we gather groups of students and young professionals to share stories with one another across language and cultural lines. The stories we share revolve around cultural prompts that have been provided ahead of time.

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