Deep Dive: China

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Submissions are closed for this offer 9/9/21

Network 20/20, a USHCA partner, has offered USHCA members 10 free passes to select sessions of its Deep Dive: China program, which is normally a paid series.

The goal of Network 20/20’s Deep Dives is to provide multi-layered and informative discussions encompassing a critical topic in geopolitics, in this case the rise of China, through a series of briefings with high-level experts. Using the framing question, “What should U.S. policy be towards China,” participants will have the opportunity to refine their thinking on this topic by widening the lens of their understanding regarding this critically important country.

10 USHCA members will get to attend 3 sessions (highlighted in yellow below) and bring back their insights to help us evaluate if there is sufficient value to our members for this series to be offered virtually next year through collaboration between USHCA and Network 20/20.

If you are interested, please submit your contact information, and answer a few simple questions via this form (google form link) so that you can be considered for one of the 10 slots. 

Preference will be given to those who are committed to attending all 3 sessions.  At this time, the other sessions are not open to the public.

Please respond to all questions.

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