North Dakota exports more to China than any other country, except neighboring Canada. Most of that is soybeans, with two-thirds of North Dakota’s crop going to China—more than to the next ten countries combined. In fact, North Dakota’s growth in goods exports to China was over four times its exports to the rest of the world; incredibly, services exports grew by almost fifteen times. Benefits are also inbound. Chinese feed manufacturer, Fufeng, the world’s largest producer of starch-based food and feed ingredients, is building its first US-based manufacturing plant in Grand Forks—possibly the largest private sector investment in the community’s history—and hopefully paving the way for more investment and more jobs. The state also features the nation’s fastest growing Asian population over the last two decades and its ambition to become a carbon-sink-capital positions it well to engage with China around climate change related opportunities.  


$897 million in goods exports from North Dakota to China in 2020
$71 million in service exports from North Dakota to China in 2019

Jobs & Education


15.4% of international students in ND are Chinese (IIE, Open Doors 2021)




Why China Matters

Why China matters to the Heartland Join USHCA and our partners in exploring Why China Matters to the Heartland. Learn how each Heartland state benefits from its relationship with China economically, educationally and culturally. Event Date: January 25th, 2022 10:00

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  1. Export: the US-China Business Council 2020 State Export Report
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    • # of Jobs supported by US-China exports: the US-China Business Council
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