Missouri opened its first trade office in China in 2004 under the leadership of Governor Bob Holden, who is now the Chairman and CEO of US Heartland China Association.  Since then, Missouri has more than doubled its export to China making the country the state’s 3rd largest export market.  Agriculture is a significant driver for the state’s economy and also for its exports. Of special interest to China is the state’s Animal Health industry, which boasts one of the largest concentrations of animal health companies in the world. The cultural ties between Missouri and China are deep and unique, from the Missouri physician who founded the Rotary Club in Shanghai over 100 years ago to Edgar Snow, whose book “Red Star over China”(1937) is still celebrated today.  Educational institutions in Missouri, such as University of Missouri and Washington University have well established partnerships with Chinese universities and enroll large numbers of Chinese students each year.


$1.7 billion  USD in goods exports from Missouri to China in 2020.

$796 million in service exports from Missouri to China in 2019.

Top 3 Goods Exports Missouri
Top 3 service exports Missouri
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Jobs & Education

Top 3 Chinese Employers Missouri

Missouri’s exports to China supported 14,700 jobs in 2019.

Universities with highest Chinese enrollment Missouri

34.3% of international students in MO are Chinese (IIE, Open Doors 2021)


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Why China Matters

Why China matters to the Heartland Join USHCA and our partners in exploring Why China Matters to the Heartland. Learn how each Heartland state benefits from its relationship with China economically, educationally and culturally. Event Date: January 25th, 2022 10:00

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