Mississippi counts China as its third leading trade partner, boasting a 63.8% increase in trade from 2019 to 2020.  The state is well positioned to benefit from continued expansion of agricultural exports to China thanks to the rich and fertile soil of the Mississippi Delta. New infrastructure investments along the Mississippi river, the logistical backbone of the region, will likely strengthen the state’s advantages. Despite the relatively small number of Chinese Americans living in the state today, the Mississippi Delta region has a unique Chinese Heritage dating back to the Emancipation Proclamation when immigrants of Chinese ancestry were brought in to work the vast agricultural fields. Local educational institutions such as Mississippi State University helped support the small but vibrant Chinese community in the segregated south for decades. The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) has one of the top Chinese language flagship programs in the country.


$1.1 billion in goods exports from Mississippi to China in 2020
$168 million in service exports from Mississippi to China in 2019

Jobs & Education


12.6% of international students in MS are Chinese (IIE, Open Doors 2021)




Why China Matters

Why China matters to the Heartland Join USHCA and our partners in exploring Why China Matters to the Heartland. Learn how each Heartland state benefits from its relationship with China economically, educationally and culturally. Event Date: January 25th, 2022 10:00

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