Louisiana plays a significant role in American energy exports to China thanks to the state’s unique strength in ocean freight and port services. The Port of New Orleans ranks #7 in total trade among U.S. ‘s 450+ ports.  In October of 2021, American and Chinese business partners signed a 13-year deal to build a LNG production location in Louisiana valued at over $4.6B. Chinese investment in the state also favors port services such as the 4 new electric gantry cranes for the Port of New Orleans, which was part of a multi-million dollar investment and expansion project. The state also attracts a growing number of Chinese visitors to its cultural centers such as New Orleans. Many of Louisiana’s universities have well established exchange programs with Chinese Universities.


$3.4 billion USD in goods exports from Louisiana to China in 2020

$671 million in service exports from Louisiana to China in 2019. (USCBC)

Top 3 Goods Exports Louisiana
Top 3 Service Exports Louisiana
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Jobs & Education

Job supported by exports Louisiana
Universities with highest Chinese Attendance Louisiana

24.9% of international students in LA are Chinese (IIE, Open Doors 2021)


Sister Partnership Louisiana
Sister Cities Louisiana


Why China Matters

Why China matters to the Heartland Join USHCA and our partners in exploring Why China Matters to the Heartland. Learn how each Heartland state benefits from its relationship with China economically, educationally and culturally. Event Date: January 25th, 2022 10:00

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