Iowa’s agricultural abundance positions it well to meet China’s huge demand for agriculture imports. Today, Iowa is the largest pork, feed, and fodder trading partner with China. Rich cultural and educational exchanges between Iowa and China have flourished following the establishment of a sister state relationship with Hebei Province in 1980. Iowa has also benefited from a unique friendship with Chinese President Xi Jinping, who spent 6 months in Iowa in his 30’s. Iowa continues to play a significant role in U.S.-China relations thanks to local bridge builders such as former Governor Branstad, who became the U.S. Ambassador to China under President Trump and USHCA’s Strategic Advisor, Ambassador Kenneth Quinn, who had the unique opportunity to meet both President Xi and his father, Governor Xi Zhiongxun of Guangdong province, who led the first delegation of Chinese governors to visit Iowa in 1980. 


$3 billion from Iowa to China in 2020
$334 million in service exports from Iowa to China in 2019

Jobs & Education


Iowa’s exports to China supported 15,600 jobs in 2019


25.4% of international students in CO are Chinese (IIE, Open Doors 2021)




Why China Matters

Why China matters to the Heartland Join USHCA and our partners in exploring Why China Matters to the Heartland. Learn how each Heartland state benefits from its relationship with China economically, educationally and culturally. Event Date: January 25th, 2022 10:00

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    # of Jobs supported by US-China exports: the US-China Business Council
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