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Advocating for the US Heartland since 2003

The Golden Gate Bridge. The Mackinac Bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge and the other great bridges of New York. Gaze up in awe at any of them and you will quickly appreciate both the nearly insurmountable challenge of building them and the undeniable importance of having them. Without them, great cities and great communities might never have come to be. With them, commerce and communities flourish.

But not all bridges are built of concrete and steel. Equally important bridges are built on friendship, cultural communion and commercial cooperation. Where these bridges exist, communities and commerce also flourish.

The United States Heartland China Association is a bridge builder. USHCA was founded as the Midwest U.S.-China Association by U.S. Senator Adlai Stevenson III of Illinois, Chicago attorney and professor John Rogers and Missouri Governor and former Midwest Governors Association chair Bob Holden. The organization works to build bridges between China and the U.S. Heartland, the vast and economically powerful region extending from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico and from the Ohio Valley to the foothills of the Rockies.

USCHA is building the bridges -- through trade missions, commercial fairs, student and cultural exchanges, educational programs and personal outreach to key business, governmental and cultural leaders. We invite you to join us.



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