United States Heartland China Association


USHCA Committees


Organizing Committees

As part of the US Heartland China Association’s goal of putting a regional face on economic development opportunities in the Heartland, the following committees have been created to make intraregional connections, share news and information, and drive regional-level initiatives in their areas.

  • Agriculture*

  • Infrastructure & Energy*

  • Economic Development

  • Education

  • Environment

  • Finance*

  • Governor Relations*

  • Healthcare*

  • Heartland Chinese Companies*

  • Heartland Chambers of Commerce*

  • Manufacturing*

  • Mayor Relations*

  • Policy, Chair: David Firestein

  • Research, Chair: Dr. Yawei Liu

  • Service & Retail*

  • Technology*

  • Tourism-Leisure-Sports-Entertainment*

* Committees in which the chair position is available

Interested in joining a USHCA committee? Please contact Pat McAloon for more information.



Chairperson: David Firestein


The Policy Committee applies its collective expertise on public policy and international relations to defining how national and subnational actors should perceive and act within the US-China relationship.

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Chairperson: Dr. Yawei Liu


The Research Committee reviews news and research relevant to US-China relations in our Heartland region, and produces original research for USHCA members.

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