United States Heartland China Association


USHCA Committees


Organizing Committees

As part of the US Heartland China Association’s goal of putting a regional face on economic development opportunities in the Heartland, the following committees have been created to make intraregional connections, share news and information, and drive regional-level initiatives in their areas.

  • Agriculture, Chair: Jim Schultz

  • Economic Development, Chair: Dr. Dan Johnson

  • Education, Chair: Dr. Dean Hubbard

  • Environment, Infrastructure & Energy, Chair: Dan Slane

  • Finance*

  • Healthcare*

  • Heartland Chinese Companies*

  • Heartland Chambers of Commerce*

  • Manufacturing*

  • Policy, Chair: David Firestein

  • Research, Chair: Dr. Yawei Liu

  • Service & Retail

  • Technology*

  • Tourism-Sports-Entertainment*

* Committees in which the chair position is available

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Chairperson: Jim Schultz

The agriculture committee combines resources business, government and academia to create cross-border opportunities in this very important part of the Heartland’s economy and identity.

Members: Ken Quinn, Kirk Merritt, Jim Schultz, Larry Baker, Josh Campbell

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Economic Development

Chairperson: Dr. Dan Johnson

The Economic Development Committee works with stakeholders in government, business and education to foster the environments needed to create and maintain jobs.

Members: Jim Schultz, John Austin, Jennifer Zhang, Dan Wright, Adrian Micu, Mike Marshall, Josh Campbell, Justin Kocher

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Chairperson: Dr. Dean Hubbard

The Education Committee brings together resources in K12 and higher education to apply research, expertise, and new entrants to the workforce to US-China collaboration.

Members: Chris Nicastro, Jim Baker, Dan Johnson, Larry Lifson, Adam Hott, Jim Smith, Cathy Geppert, Josh Campbell, Greg Robbins

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Environment, Infrastructure & Energy

Chairperson: Dan Slane

The Environment Committee focuses on leveraging expertise and technology in China and the US to create sustainable living environments for people, flora and fauna.

Members: Steve Mahfood, Josh Campbell, Jim Curran, Josh Campbell, Nicole Adewale, Tom Werdenhause, Mary Landrieu

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The Finance Committee connects the USHCA with individuals and organizations that are passionate about engaging China for mutual benefit and want to support the Association’s mission.

Members: Gary Kellman, Amos Smith, Terry Turner, Dan March, Michael Froy



Manufacturing is an important part of the Heartland’s economic vitality: as the region has moved from labor-intensive production to advanced manufacturing, regional manufacturing companies have much expertise to share in the areas of process management, HR, and logistics.

Members: Amos Smith, Mary Landrieu

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Chairperson: David Firestein

The Policy Committee applies its collective expertise on public policy and international relations to defining how national and sub-national actors should perceive and act within the US-China relationship.

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Chairperson: Dr. Yawei Liu

The Research Committee reviews news and research relevant to US-China relations in our Heartland region, and produces original research for USHCA members.

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Service and Retail

Chairperson: Dan March

The Service and Retail Committee serves Chinese and American organizations in the food service, retail sales, franchising, and hospitality industries. For many members, there will be natural synergies with the Manufacturing and Tourism-Sports-Enterntainment Committees.

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